Our products and services

 STAR GENERAL LOGISTICS was established with the goal of maximizing profits in the regional air cargo industry. We want to compete favorably with the leading air cargo/freight packaging and logistics companies in DJIBOUTI. Therefore, we will ensure that every service we provide meets or exceeds our customers' expectations.

We will do our best to ensure that our company is not only accepted in DJIBOUTI but also in other regional countries. Our service offerings are listed below :


- Shipment by Air
- Shipment by Sea


Exporting refers to the selling of goods and services from the home country to a foreign nation. Whereas, importing refers to the purchase of foreign products and bringing them into one’s home country. Further, it is divided in two ways, which are, 

Project Cargo


Project cargo describes the domestic or international transportation of large, heavy-duty, high value, or complex pieces of equipment. The materials included in project cargo can be globally sourced, or from one specific location. Project cargo requires attention to detail in order to remain within projected timelines, budgets, and safety restrictions during the transit of goods. 



 A courier service is a company that offers special deliveries of packages, money, documents or information. These services usually boast faster delivery times than any alternative method of transporting documents, and many businesses rely on them. 


Cargo Transportation


Cargo Transport is typically defined as freight that is transported by airplane, ship, or automotive methods. Sometimes freight is moved by railroad, but this method is generally less common.